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Welcome to our website - now in service for over 24 years!

This is a 'Safe Browsing' website. Please see our 'Disclaimer' and if you have any questions or comments about our website security due to browser warnings or if some pages do not display properly please also see the 'Website Security' note at the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions or would like to buy products or register for courses use the 'Contact Info' link at the left, in the top 'About SAM2013' or bottom 'Navigation' headings, which will take you to the 'Contact Us' page. You can then contact us by email form, phone or snail mail.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments and enjoy!

Click here for a Quicktime movie animation of the SAM2013 Creation process (if Quicktime doesn't play the movie properly update your Quicktime plug-in or right-click on the 'Click here' link and save the movie file on your computer and then play the movie with Quicktime or another movie player), or go towards the bottom of this page to watch about the SAM2013 Creation process on Youtube.

People, represented as rays of color, uniting in the SAM2013 purpose of world service, create SAM2013. From these purposeful unions SAM2013 is created and expanded.


Watch the same SAM2013 Creation process animation on You Tube below:


Watch a more detailed SAM2013 Creation process showing people emerging through the darkness and disorder of chaos and illusory light while being represented as rays of color, uniting in the SAM2013 purpose of world service creating SAM2013 and from these purposeful unions SAM2013 is created and expanded in the animation on You Tube below:


Click Here for more Timers and information of the coming monthly Full Moon, annual Nature, once every 7 year Impact Week and once every 100 year Impulse Year cycles on our Group Consciousness Page.












Disclaimer and notes on Website Security:

Disclaimer: Readers who rely on anything on this website do so at their own risk.

Website Security: It has become a very complex situation to manage website security and not have problems with some web browsers displaying some websites or some components improperly or giving security warnings. This is due to:

1. The fact that there are different security protocols, security certificates, levels, and versions of each for various components of each website;

2. The fact that the different protocols, certificates, levels, versions and components work differently on different types of ISP servers and there are different levels, security and versions of each of these;

3. The fact that different personal web browsers handle the different protocols, certificates, server types, levels, versions and components of each differently and have many user and non-user adjustable security settings, and versions;

4. The different user computer hardware and computer operating software and personal security settings through various firewall and anti-virus software, and the version of each, etc., and;

5. The fact that all of these old and new protocols, certificates, server types, web browsers, computer, tablet, phone hardware, operating systems, security software settings, and versions have to work together.

We have a security certificate for this website and Dreamhost, our ISP, is a very secure server. We must have the software, that our website runs on their servers, be updated or upgraded to be compatible with their level of security whenever needed. This is done most times automatically however, some updates or upgrades require that we also make some manual changes to our website, mainly for appearance reasons, however, there can also be security reasons.

The main reason for these notes is that the whole web industry is in the midst of a big security upgrade (not just update). Many older personal computer, tablet, phone operating systems and web browsers are having problems displaying certain components of websites or even certain websites at all do to the conflicts between many of the various security protocols running on the many various browsers, versions and settings.

Please feel free to access our website from either the domain which has a security certificate or the domain which does not have a security certificate whichever you choose and which ever displays the website and its components the best for you.

Both sites have the same content.

On the site without the certificate any transfer of information is not encrypted. This means that it is readable if there is in fact someone trying to steal it and read it. So please do not send personal information, such as, credit card information, etc. from our contact page if you are using the non-secure website. Please only use the secure website with the certificate for sending any information that is sensitive. We do not store any information on our website that you provide so it would only be possible to have any information that you provide be stolen when it is sent.

Due to the five lists of facts above however mainly, for you, your computer hardware and especially your software operating system and your web browser and your web browser security settings will determine if there will be a difference in the way our website appears or the components, such as, the videos work and will determine whether the secure or non-secure website is better for you.

The main two ways to tell if you are on our secure website is:

1. If the URL starts with "https"; or

2. If there is an icon of a 'lock' just to the left of the URL (which is the most common way web browsers show a secure website).

Some browsers will go to the secure website automatically and some will not. We could 'force', through a server setting, everyone to go to our secure website but this would cause problems with some people having our website display properly or to possibly even not having access to our website at all due to their computer, browser, anti-virus software, version and settings.

So it is your choice.

You can access this website from A. or B. below (however 1. Some browsers will ONLY go to the secure 'https' secure website depending on the browser, it's version and your security settings; and 2. Some browsers will NOT go to the secure 'https' secure website depending on the browser, it's version and your security settings):

A. www.SAM2013.org which does not have a security certificate and is not secure (for sending personal information) but depending on your own computer and browser may display the website and it's components better or your browser may give a security warning (of course, this website still has all non-certificate security and all of our ISP's security). For example, we have a Date and Time timer which shows the number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds since SAM2013 began in 2013. We also have a Revolver Map which shows from all of the different places in the world people have come to our website and YouTube videos that we created.

or from;

B. https://www.SAM2013.org which does have a security certificate and is secure, (for transferring information), but may not display the website or all of its components, such as, the Date and Time timer, Revolver Map and YouTube videos properly, or your browser may give a security warning.

It all depends on the almost countless number of possibilities due to the five lists of facts above.

Browser Recommendation (based on our experiences):

If you are having trouble viewing our website or some of its components with your web browser our recommendation is to install and use Firefox web browser for our website. On both older and newer PC computers, both older and newer PC computer operating system software and both on our non-secure and secure website Firefox gives the best display in almost all cases.

Google Chrome web browser will work okay for displaying our website in most cases but not all.

Internet Explorer web browser will work for displaying our website in general but there are several cases where it will not.

Safari web browser has known issues since it is no longer updated since 2015 for PC computers and is not recommended. Any other web browser you will have to try to find out for yourself.

As for Apple computers as far as we know there are no major issues viewing our website as with smart phones or tablets.

If you do have any other questions or comments please use our 'contact us' page and form.

Happy (and Safe) Browsing and welcome to our website.


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