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SAMfume Fragrances Science Alchemy Mystery

SAMfume is a subtle and powerful approach to natural perfume and personal auric enhancement for everyone.
It is also an unique all-new, high-quality, all-natural perfume like no other for men and women. How the constituents of SAMfume are selected, formulated, processed, and enhanced make it all new. The constituents themselves, the comprehensive understanding of the overall process and experience of the people who formulate SAMfume make it high quality. The natural perfume ingredients used in SAMfume and the natural methods used in its production make it an all natural perfume. The fragrances are unisex. By unisex we do not mean that men and women are the same, but that both men and women can enjoy each of the fragrances.

Click here for a Quicktime movie introduction to SAMfume Fragrances, or go towards the bottom of this page to watch about SAMfume on Youtube.

There are fifty unique blends of fragrance for everyone. The three themes for the fragrances are:

1.) Saints Angels Masters (24 fragrances)
One of these 24 SAMfume fragrances is dedicated to ALL THE SAINTS; another is dedicated to the GUARDIAN ANGELS; another is dedicated to THE MASTERS. The remaining 21 fragrances are dedicated to seven specific Saints, seven specific Angels of the Days of the Week, and seven specific Masters.

2.) Sun And Moon (19 fragrances)
There are 19 different fragrances of SAMfume © for the Sun And Moon. Twelve of these fragrances are for the 12 constellations of the Zodiac and seven dedicated to specific Planets.

3.) Spirit And Matter—(7 fragrances)
Finally there are seven different fragrances of SAMfume © for Spirit And Matter for seven specific Elements.

That makes a total of 50 different SAMfume © fragrances (24 + 19 + 7). Each fragrance comes individually in the small or large size or in specially prepared sets of three, seven, or twelve fragrances.

SAMfume works subtly with and through a person's natural aspects and attributes to cleanse, strengthen, balance, and, in a word, "enhance" those aspects and attributes. Each SAMfume fragrance is made from a unique and powerful formula of completely all-natural ingredients. In addition, these ingredients have then been potently "etherialized" to extend beyond their normal range of influence both within and around a person. "Nourish Your Soul", "Enhance Your Aura," and "Lift Your Spirit" are the directives of SAMfume.

nourish your soulenhance your auralift your spirit

When using SAMfume allow yourself to be "drawn" to the fragrance name, quality description or color for the occasion. It may be as simple as being attracted to the Angel of Monday because it is Monday or being drawn to the Constellation Gemini because you are a Gemini. It may also be as sophisticated as you like, such as, exemplifying the conductive quality of the Element Metal connecting your heart felt feelings to your mental understanding of a friend or loved one.

SAMfume is a subtly powerful personal auric enhancer, yet much of who we are and what we do depends on understanding others or balancing our own qualities. Therefore, if you are being drawn to the fragrance for the Element of Fire it may be wise to have a fragrance for the Element of Water also. Similarly, if you are being drawn to the fragrance for the Constellation Leo it may be wise to have a fragrance for the Constellation Aquarius or for Saint Francis also available.

Also, if you are being drawn to the fragrance for the Constellation Taurus and are in a relationship with a person who is mainly drawn to the fragrance for the Constellation Cancer you may consider having one of each and letting each person use both of the fragrances if they so choose.

Full sets of prepackaged 3, 7, or 12 SAMfume fragrances also let you explore within a complete range of fragrances. Oh, did you know that 3, 7, and 12 are very complete numbers relative to sets of things? The reason is that the third element always contains not only its own aspect but also the attributes for the next four elements. The three aspects and the four attributes, of course, equal seven. For twelve it is a little more complicated but let's just say that prior to the seven elements were five others and seven and five, of course, make twelve.

The fragrances are powerfully subtle. They are meant to be carried along with you and used often throughout the day and evening. Use them as you would a good habit, such as saying, "Please" and "Thank-you" or "I Love You." Yet, always remembering and feeling the true significance. If you like, and can, use the "Enhance Your Aura," "Nourish Your Soul" and "Lift Your Spirit" hand and arm movements to enhance your aura, nourish your soul and lift your spirit to the fullest extent.

Click here for a Quicktime movie demonstrating how to use SAMfume Fragrances or go towards the bottom of this page to watch about SAMfume on Youtube.

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