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The SAM2013 Synthesis School of Color was founded on possibly the first complete primary system of Color Consultation/Interpretation, Energy Evaluation and Application available. Various aspects of the work were researched since 1975, however the main work began in 1986 and was formalized in its present form in 1995. The school functions as a series of weekend or week-long courses or retreats in various parts of Europe and the States.

There are three levels of instruction conducted in two ways. The Consultation/Interpretation, Energetic Evaluation and Application can be studied as a progression of three two-day non-certified trainings or a progression of three six-day certified courses. A description of the Certified Course Curriculum can be found further down this page. Also, please check our SAM2013 Course Calendar for a current schedule of classes.

The trainings and courses all revolve around the SAM2013 Synthesis set of 17 color products and their interrelationships. The products consist of three Alcohol-based; seven Oil-based and seven Water-based products. The interrelationships consist of 21 Higher Equilibrium combinations; 49 Lower Equilibrium combinations; 21 "Soul-Utions" and 147 Tri-Level SAM2013 Synthesis' that equals 255 possibilities. This is further illustrated on our Synthesis Color System page.

Watch an 8 minute interview with SAM about the SAM2013 Synthesis Tri-Level Color System on You Tube below (Note that the phone number shown in the interview video is out of date. Please use the contact page of this website for the current phone number):

SAM2013 Synthesis Color School Certified Color Curriculum:


Synthesis Color System of Consultation/Interpretation 1
(36 Hours) (Tuition: $1,100.00):

• Various color progressions & hierarchies especially of the SAM2013 Synthesis Products

• Various base substance progressions & hierarchies especially of the SAM2013 Synthesis Products

• Various ingredient progressions & hierarchies especially of the SAM2013 Synthesis Products

• Various process progressions & hierarchies especially of the SAM2013 Synthesis Products

• Various energetic progressions and hierarchies especially of the SAM2013 Synthesis Products

• Historical progressions and hierarchies of color including Atlantis, Egypt, China, India, Greece, and Native Americans. Cave paintings, amulets, artists, culture, religion. The development of current color practice in therapy, interior design, fashion, uniforms, and flags.

• Psychological progressions and hierarchies of color including social and environmental effects of color; prisons, hospitals, schools, and leisure centers. The language of color (e.g. "feeling blue"), the attributes of color, personal identity, and perception discerned through color analysis, art therapy and mandalas. Diet and nutrition, food color energy. The use of color in marketing.

• Summary of the SAM2013 Synthesis Color System and relationship to historical and psychological aspects of color.

Check our Course Calendar for the next scheduled training.

Synthesis Color System of Energetic Evaluation 1
(36 Hours) (Cost $1,100.00):

• Relative to Higher Equilibrium
• Relative to Lower Equilibrium
• Relative to 'Soul-ution', Relative to Tri-Level Synthesis

• Subtle Energies and the electromagnetic spectrum, with particular reference to the visible spectrum and its frequencies; the different levels of subtle energy; chakras and links with the endocrine and other body systems; scanning and dowsing; psychic protection of one's subtle energy; the elements and the elementals.

• General Science of the effect of light on the body systems and on the cellular structure with special reference to: the immune, nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, reproductive, muscular and sensory systems, and the skin. Contra-indications in the use of certain colors. The present state of research into color and phototherapy by orthodox medicine (e.g. neonatal hyperbilirubinaemia, dyslexia, migraine, etc.).

• Color Treatment Practice including consultation procedure, to include methods of assessing the client's condition, the most advisable method of applying color counseling procedures and ongoing therapeutic care.

• Summary of the SAM2013 Synthesis Color Energy Evaluation and relationship to subtle energies and general scientific aspects of color.

Check our Course Calendar for the next scheduled training.

Synthesis Color System of Application 1
(36 Hours) (Cost $1,100):

• Relative to color progressions and hierarchies of SAM2013 Synthesis

• Relative to Energetic Evaluation Methods of SAM2013 Synthesis

• Relative to Application Results

• Color Treatment Practice II including possible referral, absent healing and self-healing. Color breathing, water solarisation. Color with other therapeutic modalities, notably: with oils in aromatherapy, reflexology, colorpuncture, crystals, and flower essences. Techniques for delivering color using fabric, stained glass, gels, and psychically through the hands (on or off body). The association of color with music in healing. The spiritual dimension, prayer, meditation, and visualization. The importance of the personal preparation of the practitioner.

• Practice Management including membership of a professional body, insurance, health and safety regulations including local bylaws, confidential record keeping, simple accounts, advertising, planning, and time management.

• Summary of the SAM2013 Synthesis Color Application and review of color treatment and management practice

Check our Course Calendar for the next scheduled training.


The second year of training is a probationary practitioner year. The student will practice without payment and be under the supervision of the tutor. At least six tutorials will be arranged by agreement between the tutor and student. The student will keep a portfolio of at least six case studies (without disclosing the client's name) and this will be subject to inspection at the end of the two-year course as part of the final diploma assessment. Each case study should involve at least three treatments. In addition, the student should submit a dissertation of six thousand words on a personally selected aspect of color for the portfolio to be inspected by an examiner.

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