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SAM2013 offers various publications in print. All of the publications are based on over thirty years of study, experience, usage, and teaching with color and related topics. They are written taking into account over twenty-five years of teaching hundreds of courses and conducting thousands of consultations and treatments. The past almost twenty years of these over twenty-five years being heavily devoted to helping teachers from other disciplines correlate their work to color. The cases listed in the SAM2013 Study Guides are taken from over 5,000 case studies personally conducted by the author himself.


1. "SAM2013 Color and Auric Enhancement: Color/Self/Group Awareness ". By Marrese, S. A.; ISBN 0-9707889-4-0.

2. "SAM 2013 Group Progression and Hierarchy". By Marrese, S. A.; ISBN 978-0-9707889-5-5.

3. "SAM2013 Color, Crystals and Groups: Three Models for the Universal Language of Color Applied to the Rays and Initiations". By Marrese, S. A.; ISBN 978-0-9707889-6-2.


SAM2013 Color Therapy Diploma Thesis. By Marrese, S. A.; ISBN 0-9707889-0-8.

Study Guide (Three versions):

(Version A) SAM2013 Study Guide—Studies I-VII with 18 color plates. By Marrese, S. A.; ISBN: 0-9707889-1-6.

(Version B) SAM2013 Study Guide—Studies I-XIV with 33 color plates. By Marrese, S. A.; ISBN: 0-9707889-2-4.

(Version C) SAM2013 Study Guide—Studies I-XIV with 33 B & W plates. By Marrese, S. A.; ISBN: 0-9707889-3-2.

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